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2017 VIMFF Film Awards

VIMFF 2017 film awards

The 2017 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival wrapped up on Saturday night after 9 days of films and presentations covering all aspects of mountain sports and culture.

The film competition was particularly fierce this year with 98 amazing films from around the world.

Our distinguished Film Jury deliberated for many days and made some difficult decisions.

A massive THANK YOU to all filmmakers for taking part in this years festival, and a big congratulations to the winners!

Best Short Film

WHAT IF YOU FLY - Directed by Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees

VIMFF what if you fly

Quote from Yves Ma:

“This striking film follows a Hawaiian artist painting a portrait of an Inuit woman, uniquely using the breaking ice off the waters of Baffin Island as a canvas. For its originality, beautiful aesthetic and thoughtful cultural exploration, the award for the 2017 Best Short Film goes to What if You Fly.”

Best Environmental Film

SAMUEL IN THE CLOUDS - Directed by Peter Van Eecke

Quote from Yves Ma:

“This is an allegorical and keenly observational film which explores the dramatic impact of climate change and the disappearance of glaciers in what once was one of the highest ski resorts in the world in the Bolivian Andes. For its restrained yet highly effective portrayal of the human spirit in the face of environmental catastrophe the jury is pleased to award the 2017 Best Environmental Film to Samuel in the Clouds.”

Best Mountain Sport Film

LIKE A WOLF - Directed by Emeka Ngwube

Quote from Tracey Jacobson:

“A journey that invited us into love and adventure, all the while going for an ambitious goal. This was a perfect recipe for inspiration. The drive, determination, and courage of a woman who carries us through what it takes to balance out life with a passion and achieve your dreams.”

Best Adventure Film


Quote from Tracey Friesen:

“An insiders look at one of the most ragtag teams on one of the most audacious journeys, this film not only inspired, but entertained.  For showing that with a little gumption, guts and duck tape almost anyone can sail the high seas.”

Jury's Award

THE ACCORD - Directed by RC Cone

VIMFF the accord

Quote from Joni Cooper:

“One might think that accurately representing an awesome force of nature might be difficult. But to do it accurately through first-hand experience, humour, and stunning visuals is a winning combination. Being a completely unique – and entirely entertaining – masterpiece, the jury was unanimous in declaring THE ACCORD directed by RC Cone the winner of this year’s JURY AWARD.”

Best Canadian Film

NORTH OF KNOWN - Directed by Brian Smith

VIMFF 2017 film awards north of known 2
VIMFF 2017 film awards north of known 1

Quote from Tracey Friesen:

“This film captures the vast beauty of Alaska – largely from the AIR – as two paragliders attempt a journey of several hundred miles.   For its stunning cinematography and compelling story, the Best Canadian Film is Bryan Smith’s “North of Known”. “


LUNAG RI- Directed by Joachim Hellinger, Hans-Peter Stauber & Christian Schmidt

VIMFF 2017 film awards lunag ri 1
VIMFF 2017 film awards lunag ri 2

Quote from Tracey Jacobson:

“Exploring culture and family roots, this story showed us that you are not born with strength, courage, and success. Training, experience, and mentors are the tools needed to succeed. The film also touches on the disappointment faced when you decide to turn around to climb another day.”


FREEDOM UNDER LOAD - Directed by Pavol Barabas

Quote from Joni Cooper:

“Exquisite in both image and pace, this film opened our eyes to a tradition that has not been abandoned despite contemporary methods. It took us along step by step, so we could experience the wisdom being shared, listen to the sounds and silence, and appreciate the immense beauty along the way.”


MIRA - Directed by Lloyd Belcher

Quote from Tracy Friesen:

“The jury was quite simply charmed by this film, specifically its impressive yet humble main character.  She’s a role model for youth in her remote community and for female athletes throughout the world – I know I wanted to lace up my runners and hit the trails!  We are thrilled to award the 2017 VIMFF GRAND Prize to Lloyd Belcher’s inspirational film: “Mira”.”