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Arc’teryx Adventure Film Grant

VIMFF Adventure Film Grant presented by ARC'TERYX

VIMFF and ARC’TERYX have partnered to present this filmmaker development grant to further our shared commitment to supporting Canadian adventure film.

The grant award’s $5000 to the selected recipient filmmaker to produce their proposed project which will premiere at VIMFF the following calendar year.
This grant is intended to support emerging filmmakers specializing in mountain film. We hope it will help them kick start a successful career and enable them to produce a film they have been dreaming of. The recipient will also get the opportunity to be mentored throughout the process by the ARC’TERYX professional and in house media team.

Our aim is to support the development of Canadian adventure filmmakers, promote self-propelled wilderness adventures and bring the resulting story to the VIMFF screen for our community to enjoy.

Details of the Grant:
• Applications will be accepted from November 13th 2018 until January 15th 2019.
• Recipients of the filmmaker grant will be awarded at the VIMFF festival in February 2019.
• The supported film project will be produced between February 2019 and January 2020.
• The winning filmmaker will be awarded $5000 CAN from VIMFF & ARC’TERYX to be used towards the production of their film project. They will also get the opportunity to be mentored throughout the process by the ARC’TERYX professional and in house media team.
• The final film will premiere at the 23rd annual VIMFF in February 2020.

• Individuals must be Canadian residents and be residing within Canada.
• The proposed film topic must be in line with the activities that VIMFF and ARC’TERYX support and encourage. Therefore the film topic must profile self-propelled wilderness oriented adventures.
• The proposed film must be no longer than 20 minutes.
• Film participants must be extensively prepared, through both physical training and gear preparation.
• Recipients must be self-reliant and carry appropriate safety gear and communication devices relevant for the location and activity.
• Participants must minimize environmental impacts and practice safe, responsible use of the outdoors.

How to Apply:
• Applications should be emailed to by January 15th 2019 with the subject title: “Application to Adventure Film Grant”.
Applications should include the following:
• Full bio and professional resume of the main filmmaker(s) – including links to previous films, show reels and any other applicable projects.
• Full breakdown on the rest of the film crew, including name, position, relevant experience.
• Proposed film basics – name, projected length, synopsis.
• Location, timing and logistics – when? where? how?
• Detailed story line – why do you think this story needs to be told? Why does this narrative appeal to you as a filmmaker?
• Detailed budget breakdown of all costs involved
• Any other sponsorships or funding support you may have in place.
Please direct any enquiries to

2018 Recipient

Heather Mosher

Heather is a professional filmmaker based in Squamish, BC. Heather combines the hard skills needed to reach challenging destinations in the
backcountry with creative and unique visuals and strong story-telling skill developed from years in the edit suite. As of 2017, she is a newly-minted Apprentice Rock Guide with the ACMG, and in 2015, she and her partner received a grant from the Jen Higgins Fund of the Alpine Club of Canada for a two month exploratory ski trip to the Yukon. Recent credits on short documentaries include editor for Kilian (Salomon TV, 2016) and codirector/ editor on Tugende Baseballer (with Hubert Kang, 2015). Other notable end-clients include Fairmont Hotels, the University of British
Columbia, Nike, Sender Films, and Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH).

Heather was awarded the ARC’TERYX Adventure Film Grant for her film project – Choose Your Own Adventure:

As crowds and tensions grow in the West Coast backcountry, a Squamish skier, scrambler and dad balances the search for wilderness adventures with a desire to foster an inclusive mountain community.

Backcountry recreation is becoming increasingly popular. Social media is having a real impact on people’s interest in the outdoors, and combined with a booming population in the Sea-to-Sky, there are more people in the Coast Mountains than there ever have been before. Parking is overflowing, sensitive areas are experiencing an outsized human impact, and more folks are heading out into the mountains unprepared. Amongst parts of the established mountain community, this has triggered a growing trend of localism, whereby some communities actively and aggressively discourage the sharing of information in order to keep the most precious and beautiful spots a “secret”. What are the consequences of this burgeoning interest in wilderness experience? And as the crowds grow, what does it take to still find adventure?

Join us at the 22nd Annual VIMFF in February 2019 to see the World Premiere of Heather’s film ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.

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