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Wed, Feb 26, 2020, 7:30, Rio Theatre

Biking Around The World

Mountain Sports, Canadian

Two presentations and films following bike packing trips around the globe.

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Wed, Feb 26, 2020

Doors 6:30pm / Show 7:30pm

Rio Theatre

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Janick Lemieux & Pierre Bouchard

Together, Janick & Pierre combine more than 250,000 kilometres of cycling adventures in about 80 countries of the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. In June, 2014 they embarked on an exploration project aiming to identify and understand the various challenges that are facing the contemporary nomadic peoples who wander and live between Europe's northern most point in Norway and Africa's southern end in South Africa - quite the journey!

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Oliver Jorgensen, Jalen Sekhon & Kieran Evans

Oliver, Jalen & Kieran received the 2019 MEC Adventure Grant to complete a North-to-South mountain bikepacking traverse of Iceland. Their route took them through the most remote areas of the island, from thawing tundra plains to the high peaks of Iceland’s most active volcano. They set off pedalling with heavy bikes and much anticipation and discovered a winding journey on ancient goat tracks, gravel roads, mountain passes.

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1660 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC | (604) 879-3456