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Family Show

Gather the family together and enjoy seven adventurous films including the Canadian premiere of Bandit Hill. The films tell a variety of stories about family journeys and growth, whimsical animated forest characters, the path to stardom as a youth mountain biker, trail perspectives from rescue dogs and more!

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Friday, February 19 at noon PST

Suitable For All Ages

This show includes access to view all the films listed below.


Show ticket: $15*

Festival passes:

Film only: $75* | All-access: $95*

*Prices increase on February 19, 2021


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Trail Floof

This fun film tells the unique stories about five dogs that were rescued from shelters and adopted by owners in North Vancouver. Filmed from the perspective of the dogs, their mountain bike owners take them for some classic North Shore trail rides.

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Leaping beyond gender and brand, Superbloom envisions our shared technicolor experience in the outdoors. This is where buds grow.

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The Great Milestone

A well-off mountaineer’s hobby is reaching the summits of the highest mountains. He has one last goal to accomplish in order to complete this special collection: that impossible summit, the one he is determined to climb, whatever it takes. A woman bored of waiting for her husband to return from his excitement-packed mountain escapades has decided to seek some adventure of her own and attempt a more modest ascent.

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The New Generation of Whitewater Paddlers

For almost 30 years, Ken Whiting's life has been guided by the paddle in his hands. Now, his passion for whitewater has come full circle, as he and his 9-year old daughter run the river and challenge the whitewater for the first time in separate kayaks.

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This Is Home

Jackson Goldstone shot to stardom in 2010 when a homemade video of him riding, jumping, dropping and spinning his balance bike on the way to kindergarten went viral. Since then, Jackson has risen to the top tiers of the sport, already demonstrating a signature style in mountain bike films and competing on the international stage.

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Bandit Hill


Bandit Hill is a whimsical adventure through an enchanted forest filled with woodland creatures ready to play! Mountain biker and artist Jill Kintner brings her character drawings to life as they race down Bandit Hill to outrun an onslaught of angry clouds and terribly-behaving weather.

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24 Leeches

This film is a heartful story from the perspective of a father, who's 10-year-old son lived an adventure filled life but passed away in 2019. In 24 Leeches, he narrates a family canoe adventure to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada and reflects on camping, the changing climate of our Earth, and especially his beloved Lake Superior.