Can I change shows, or get a refund?

Sorry, this would result in too much work for our staff, who are working hard to bring you a great experience and great films. We hope you understand and will enjoy the shows!

I keep getting pushed back to the start, and can't enter a ticket into my cart. HELP!

We are experiencing some browser-compatibility issues, particularly with Safari and Firefox in our ticketing system. Please try a different browser this usually solves the problem.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

NO! Please reduce your impact by NOT PRINTING your tickets. Please bring either your confirmation notice/ticket or QR code (square barcode) on your smart-phone to the theatre. If you do not have a smart-phone, you can check-in by telling our staff your confirmation number AND name.

Are VIMFF films rated?

Yes, Consumer Protection BC rates all our films, most are rated general, and some are rated PG13 typically for language. Ratings are typically available by early February and not displayed on the VIMFF website, but will be published and available by request at the event venues. If you have concerns about a specific show you will be attending, you can contact the programming department.

Do you have directions to your venues, parking, and transit information?

To view maps, go here: Venue Maps. Parking (be sure to read parking signage): Centennial Theatre and Inlet Theatre have large parking lots and ample street parking; Rio Theatre has street parking in the neighbourhood (generally free); and The Cinematheque is Downtown and has pay parking lots and street parking nearby. Transit info: All venues are on major transit routes, plan your trip on the Translink website.