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Cross Countries

VIMFF x Cross Countries

An action-packed, immersive visual journey of some of the world’s most spectacular mountain bike trails.

The Right to Joy

VVIMFF x The Right to Joy

A cougar attack survivor and trans-masculine cyclist becomes an advocate for inclusion within the cycling community.

Carlisle 200

VIMFF x Carlisle

Two Native bikers embark on a 200-mile prayer ride to the cemetery at Carlisle Indian Boarding School.

Escape and Embrace

vimff film escape and embrace x nowp

A documentary capturing the life-altering odyssey of a young woman who defied oppression in Iran.

þetta Reddast

VIMFF x þetta Reddast

Explore the rise of Iceland’s mountain bike scene as advocates face environmental, social, and political challenges.


VIMFF x Reflection

A breakout enduro mountain bike racer confronts her traumatic past through her return to competition.

Tequio Trails

vimff film tequio trails x nowp

International mountain bikers join forces with the Indigenous people of rural Oaxaca.

Only A Ride

VIMFF FS Film x Only a Ride

Raising awareness for mental health, Anthony Boussetta is preparing for a new goal; a route of 10 mountains that has never been attempted before.

Ready Or Not

VIMFF FS Film x Ready or Not

What started as a fun way to get biker Steve Vanderhoek back out after an injury in 2022, quickly turned into a passion project for this husband and wife team.

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