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A White Dream

vimff award A White Dream

Jérémie Villet explores the extreme Yukon region with the goal of photographing the legendary mountain goat.

Kumari: A Father’s Dream

vimff award KUMARI_ A Fathers Dream

Deep in rural Nepal, a group of childhood friends from low-caste families have started a trekking guide social enterprise that has transformed their home community of Kumari.

This is Beth

vimff award this is beth

An intimate look at a professional climber, and her relationship with her sport, her career and herself.

The Klabona Keepers

vimff award the klabona keepers

An intimate portrait of the inspiring Indigenous families that succeeded in protecting the remote Sacred Headwaters, known as the Klabona.

The Last Mountain

vimff award The Last Mountain

A story of a mother and son, two of the greatest climbers of all time, died at almost the same age, in the same mountain range, both doing what they loved best.

Speed of Sound

vimff award Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound is a textured insight into the experience of an unstoppable young woman who won Gold at the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics.


vimff award Rematriation

Rematriation explores scientific, cultural, economic and sociopolitical perspectives, as citizens fight to protect the last big trees in British Columbia from being felled.


vimff award renaissance

A ballet dancer finds her true expression through rediscovering her passion for movement in the mountains.


vimff award Continuum

Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel show how the sequence of individual movements are all linked together as a cohesive collection.

Ocean Mother

vimff award ocean mother

A conversation about motherhood and the ocean with champion spear fisherwoman and free diver, Kimi Werner.

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