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VIMFF x Lexicon

A celebration of the universal language of skiing as a catalyst for human connection.


VIMFF Films x VIMFF x Forward

After noticing a lack of other plus-size women of color on trail, Anjelica creates the community she was looking for.

Twin Oaks

VIMFF x Twin Oaks

Showcasing the transformative power of nature, the spiritual aspect of trail building, and its enduring legacy.

Mountain Turks

VIMFF x Mountain Turks

An avid mountaineer, turns his idea of building backcountry huts out of water tanks into New Zealand’s first ski traverse.


VIMFF x Rakchham

In cooperation with the local community, one climber develops a new bouldering destination.

Chasing Kasper

VIMFF Films x VIMFF x Chasing Kasper

After the unexpected loss of pro skier Dave Treadway, mountain biking helps soothe the grief for Tessa and her son.

Women and Blades

VIMFF Films x VIMFF x Aiguille du Midi Operati

A renowned climber and mountaineer creates a safe space for the next generation of female climbers.

The Hagens

VIMFF x The Hagens

Explore the world of this remarkable family where outdoor sports and adventures still play a central role.

Dirt Relations

vimff Dirt Relations x nowp

The Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program explores the powerful connection between mountain biking, reconciliation, and healing.

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