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A Baffin Vacation

vimff A Baffin Vacation x

Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry embark on a 45 day multi-sport expedition through Baffin Island.

Family Routes

vimff family routes X

Leanne Robinson and Dwayne Wohlgemuth embarked on a summer-long canoe trip across the Northwest Territories, living off the land with their two young sons.

Ocean Mother

vimff award ocean mother

A conversation about motherhood and the ocean with champion spear fisherwoman and free diver, Kimi Werner.


vimff x Sheri

Sheri showcases the beautiful story of how one woman and her family revolutionized the outdoor gear industry.

Sea to Summit

vimff X Sea to Summit

This crew takes on a modern day expedition in Greenland where they kayak 450 km to access an 800m wall rising straight from the Arctic Ocean.

Wood on Water

vimff wood on water x

A 40 day, all girl wilderness canoe tripping adventure that’s spent exploring their surroundings and inner selves, free from mainstream society’s expectations.

Wild Waters

vimff x Wild Waters

Nouria Newman prepares to become the first female to run a 100 ft waterfall; we watch her grow from a young, keen Olympic hopeful to one of the greatest kayakers of all time.

Wild Beauty

VIMFF FS Wild Beauty x

A young surfer travels to a remote reef to challenge herself in one of Canada’s most dangerous waves.

Lost at Sea

VIMFF Film AWARDS special mention px


Lost At Sea is an epic tale of the sea, told through one young man’s personal journey to understand his father, who died while rowing the Pacific.

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