Film Jury

Film Jury 2017

Tracey Friesen

Tracey Friesen has been an active contributor to Vancouver’s media sector for over 25 years and last year published the book Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change. During her decade at the National Film Board, she earned credits on about 40 film projects, including Being Caribou, Carts of Darkness and Force of Nature. Since the NFB, Tracey has done contracts with Mindset Foundation, Inspirit Foundation, DOC and Creative BC, plus was Director of Programming during the start-up phase of Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver. One of her annual highlights is co-leading a four-day media conference at Hollyhock Leadership Institute on Cortes Island.  In Jan 2017, Tracey joined the David Suzuki Foundation as Director of Communications & Engagement.

Yves Ma

Yves Ma has been working in media production for over 15 years as an independent producer as well as producing for the National Film Board of Canada.  He has produced various story genres from dramatic film & social-issue documentary to animation and interactive media. He has produced many award winning features, including the feature environmental docu-drama Hadwin’s Judgment, which won a Best Film Award at the 2015 Banff Film and Book Festival as well as the Best Canadian Film Award at VIMFF 2016.

Tracy Jacobson

 After eight years in front of the camera, Tracy moved from Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains seeking inspiration for a new path in writing and documentary filmmaking. Living among some of the most elite climbers in the world, she found her passion for climbing, mountaineering, and skiing. In November 2009, Tracy decided to pursue her film career full time. This move opened the door to becoming a producer, writer, and director for various shorts, TV commercials, feature films and documentaries.

Joni Cooper

Joni Cooper has been surfing the chaos of independent film and festivals internationally for over 25 years. She's the former programming director of the Banff Mountain Festival; has worked as an independent producer; executive director of DOXA Documentary Film Festival; director of programming for the Banff World Media Festival and Asia Factual Forum in Singapore; and has consulted with Sharing Stories Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland; Sithengi, Southern Africa's Film & Television Market; and Film Festival Flix's Mountain and Adventure Film Festival. She has been invited to sit on film juries around the world -- and is currently director of programming while spearheading the inaugural DocLands Documentary Film Festival under the umbrella of the California Film Institute.