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Camera Trap

Director: Marty O’Brien
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 25 min

The Porcupine Caribou herd is one of the largest caribou herds in North America but its future is uncertain. The actions of the Trump administration, climate change, industrial development, national and international political posturing and a rapidly changing north are all putting the herd and its home range at risk. The Gwich’in people who have relied on the herd for generations also see their future hanging in the balance and they need the rest of the world tonotice.Peter Mather is a teacher who started his career in the tiny northern community of Old Crow. It was there he developed a passion for the plight of the caribou and the people whose culture is tied to them. An aspiring wilderness photographer, Peter sets out on a quest to document the herd, its migrations, and the role it plays in communities across the north. But he needs one epic shot – the one that will capture the significance of the herd and inspire others to protect it.Camera Trap is an intimate portrait of Peter, exploring what is behind his obsession with protecting the Porcupine herd and the lengths he will go to get the perfect shot.

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Director: Marty O’Brien

After gaining industry experience and shooting for a range of production companies in Melbourne, Australia, Marty relocated to the wilds of Canada’s Yukon to pursue his true passion for advocacy through storytelling. For the past three years he has documented Peter’s quest for the ultimate caribou photo.