Cedarwood Trails

Cedarwood Trails

Directed by Johannes Mair​
Austria, 2016, 30 minutes

Monday Matinee
Mon Feb 13 @2:00pm (doors 1:30pm)
The RIO Theatre MAP


Axel and Sylvia venture deep into Africa to explore yet unridden mountainbike terrain. In southern Malawi on mount Mulanje they find what they were looking for: A majestic mountain with incredible trails. They ride the rugged plateau and climb Chambe peak, battling down steep and technical terrain with their mountainbikes, a ride of a lifetime. But they also discover a disturbing development on Mulanje. The endemic cedar tree is being logged illegally at an alarming rate. It is already listed as critically endangered and with no effective law enforcement its fate seems to be sealed. A Bike adventure and environmental investigation.

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