Directed by Jakub Pinos​​ ​
Czech Republic, 2016, 5 minutes

Kayak Night
Tues Feb 14 @7:30pm (doors 7:00pm)
The Cinematheque MAP


Is kayaking simply an individual sport? What role do other people play in progression of an individual paddler? This film focuses on an important aspect of whitewater kayaking: cooperation. Experienced paddlers know that cooperation is a crucial part of the sport, but often an emphasis on individual progression seems to hide that fact. Moreover, films on whitewater don't usually focus on the importance of group dynamics. This film is an author’s attempt to offer a more realistic representation of what kayaking means to him.

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The author of this film has been kayaking and skiing since his early childhood. Located in the middle of Europe, he was exploring mountains of the Czech Republic and other European countries first. Once grew up, he fell in love with traveling to further destinations. Canada is one of them.

Jakub has always been filming and taking pictures. He was documenting his own, his brother's and friends' approach to extreme sports. Together they formed a production called Alternativa Media (Team). While his older brother Matej was studying film school, Jakub decided to study social sciences. His sociological and philosophical background can be seen in his newer short films. He likes to express several ideas about his adventures in his films.