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Director: Jason Bagby
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 24 min

Survival Run is an ultra-distance obstacle race format that takes its runners on a journey into their souls. Originating on the volcanic Nicaraguan island of Omatepe six years ago with challenges inspired by local history and culture, it attracts some of the best trail runners and obstacle course racers in the world, yet has a typical finishing rate below ten percent. In 2017, Survival Run came to Canada for the first time, exploring the mountains and culture around Squamish, British Columbia. While only a fraction of those on the start line will finish, all will be tempered and learn deeply about themselves and their fellow runners. Join some of these runners on their journey.

Director: Jason Bagby

Jason grew up in small-town Alabama and moved to the West Coast in his early twenties, where he quickly fell in love with the outdoors. His adventures have taken him to over 50 countries. He’s ridden a motorcycle 5000 miles across India and Nepal, climbed 6000-meter peaks in South America, and survived the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Jason is a skier, avid rock climber, mountain biker, photographer, filmmaker and a serial entrepreneur. Jason has worked with professional athletes in climbing, motocross, trail running, mountain biking, ski touring and adventure racing. His business background has helped him produce successful marketing campaigns for companies like Arc’teryx, Scarpa, Petzl and Yeti. His goal is to share his love of life and the outdoors by pulling the viewer into his adventures and by encouraging others to seek out their own opportunities to feel truly and deeply alive.