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Feel The Burn

Director: Dominic Gill
Origin: USA
Year of Production: 2016
Duration: 12 min

In a place that has a reputation for decadence and discomfort, a little-known ultramarathon is attracting hundreds of runners to experience its one of a kind environment of art, music, and nature.In this 12 minute film watch several wildly spirited runners take on the heat, dust, and distance while being encouraged on by a bizarre group of revelers.

Director: Dominic Gill

Dominic Gill is an English 36 year old television host, cinematographer, director and co-founder at Encompass Films in Los Angeles California. His life has always been firmly rooted in the world of adventure, and capturing his adventures on camera. At the age of 26, after studying Biology at Imperial College London and working with an Environmental Consulting firm, he made the decision to dive head first into chasing his dreams. He bought a tandem bicycle, a heavy production camera and a machete and flew up to the oil fields of Northern Alaska. It took him two years and two months to cycle to the southerly tip of Argentina, inviting random strangers to help pedal his tandem south and share their stories on camera. The resulting international award winning documentary and book entitled ‘Take A Seat’ helped plot the course that Dominic is now on. Two further Tandem driven adventures followed; one traversing the USA with physically impaired companions; and another circumnavigating Egypt with young revolutionaries during the Arab Spring. Now, when he is not out climbing, exploring, or hunting for adventurous stories, he is behind the camera, some days high up the Andes, others in the slums of Rio shooting, directing, and telling the stories of other souls that are pushing the boundaries of life.

Dominic has both hosted, directed and written over two seasons of international TV content and numerous award winning short films, and while he still wheels the tandem out occasionally, he is equally at home engaging in scientific exploration on icecaps or capturing footage in communities where few others would feel comfortable. Dominic is an experienced speaker and presenter, and has helped to inspire corporate clients and educational institutions worldwide, connecting his audience with what he has been fortunate enough to observe worldwide.