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Hold Fast

Director: Jim Aikman
Origin: USA
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 55 min

Conrad Anker is one of the greatest and most notorious professional mountain climbers in history. But at 55, his career in the big mountains is winding down, especially after he suffered a heart attack on a climb high in the Himalayas. His friend Alex Wildman is a novice big-wall climber and cardiac nurse who recently recovered from stage 4 lymphoma and intense chemotherapy. With a new lease on life, Alex is hungry to return to a life in the mountains. Together, they team up to support each other on a climb up Yosemite’s famously difficult El Capitan, and put their traumatic brushes with mortality behind them.

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Director: Jim Aikman

Jim Aikman is an award-winning filmmaker and commercial director living in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in outdoor adventure films, character driven documentaries and commercial video. His work has taken him around the world, from the high mountains of the Himalaya to the crevasses of Alaska, creating content for brands like National Geographic, The North Face and REI. With degrees in Film and English literature from the University of Michigan, Jim has cultivated an interest in narrative theory and history to craft thoughtful, authentic stories about real characters. As comfortable behind a camera as he is in the editing bay, Jim’s main priorities are integrity and entertainment.