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Hunting Giants

Director: Sean Horlor and Steve Adams
Origin: Canadian
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 24 min

A thrill-seeking explorer wants to find and climb the biggest tree in Canada outside a logging community on the brink of collapse.HUNTING GIANTS follows the struggles of a formerly prosperous town of Port Renfrew, British Columbia. This 24-min documentary is told through the point-of-view of the residents, the local indigenous community, and a group of big tree climbers.This cinematic adventure into the old-growth rainforests of B.C. explores a question faced by resource communities around the world: extract profit until there’s nothing left or balance resource development with eco-tourism in pursuit of a more sustainable future?

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Director: Sean Horlor and Steve Adams

Sean Horlor and Steve Adams are self-taught filmmakers from Vancouver, Canada. They have directed, written, and produced together for the past six years. They founded their production company (Nootka St. Film Company) in 2011 and cut their teeth with commercial work before springboarding into documentary filmmaking. Over the past year, they have completed five short documentaries for broadcast and film festival audiences.