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Mothered By Mountains

Director: Renan Ozturk
Origin: Nepal
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 16 min

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, Nepal’s leading female mountain guide, has been on top of the tallest peaks on Earth. When she teams up to make a first ascent with an unlikely partner – local punk-rock icon, Sareena Rai – they both find that the paths to the greatest summits lie within.

Director: Renan Ozturk

I’m one of the founders of Camp4 Collective, a member of the The North Face athlete team for the last 10 years and spend my days telling real stories about the connection to the natural world. The films I have made over the years have presence in both the core mountain filmmaking community and mainstream worlds. ‘MERU’ won the Audience Choice Award at Sundance this year, while ‘SHERPA’ premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and Toronto. My expedition short films have a strong following on social, from ‘El Sendero Luminoso’ for The North Face to National Geographic’s ‘Down To Nothing’, shot in the Burmese Himalaya and developed into a NatGeoTV special. I am constantly searching for stories that move me and with a strong visual identity combined with deeply human moments, whether it be of professional athletes or a child seeing the mountains for the first time.