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Director: Caroline Cote
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 14 min

In August 2017, a team of 3 women aged 25 to 30 embarked on a quest to discover their own boundaries in an immense, wild and remote territory. They covered 100 km in a few days through the Kuururjuaq National Park, along Mont d’Iberville and crossing the famous Koroc River. THE GOALS • Inspire the spirit of adventure through different medias and a documentary film. •Raise funds to help protect the natural environment of Kuururjuak Park. •Share our passion for the great outdoors. • Tell the story of a unique encounter between women of different cultures THE MISSION To deepen our understanding of the culture and spirit of the Inuit people by immersing ourselves in their ancestral lands. To share the story of the journey through the Inuit community via immersive footage and interviews. To be the first women to achieve an unrivalled running distance in the wilderness environment of the Kuururjuaq National Park.

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Director: Caroline Cote

Caroline is an adventure videographer and photographer living in Montreal, Canada. She has a passion for filming documentaries in the most extreme conditions of sailing and of exploring cold wild regions. She participated in the Antarctik XP expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, travelled for two months on the Yukon River (Expedition Pull to the North), and crossed Alaska in search of the First Nations people of the area. She recently travelled to northern Quebec, documenting Inuit traditions. Between expeditions, she runs ultramarathons (between 65 and 125 km), and edits and produces the documentaries from her expeditions. Her mission is to educate people about nature, engage the imagination of the public, and trigger a desire for adventure through high-quality, inspiring documentaries.