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Sweat Lodge

Director: Kieran Brownie
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 12 min

Paul Mcsorley and Kieran Brownie (two pasty Canadians); leave the dark winter of South West BC to delve into a deep corner of the Colombian Amazon
after stumbling across images of remarkable granite domes in Colombian Director Cuerro Guerra’s film, “Embrace the Serpent”.


Director: Kieran Brownie

Having the privilege to roam free when I was young gave me space to question the things around me. What’s around the corner? How high can we go? My first point and shoot 35mm film camera allowed that curiosity to flourish, cameras let me step back and analyze what was in front of me, or what I was apart of, they gave perspective. Mountains do the same. Maybe that’s why I do this stuff?