The Crown Traverse

The Crown Traverse

Directed by Matthew Irving  ‚Äč
USA, 2016, 12 minutes

Trail Running Show
Sun Feb 12 @7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
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In September of 2015, The North Face Athletes and professional ultra runners Mike Wolfe, Mike Foote, along with National Geographic Photographer Steven Gnam, set out on a journey from Missoula, Montana to Banff, Canada; traversing 600 miles north through the Crown of the Continent.

Over the course of 23 days, Wolfe, Foote, and Gnam traveled up and over mountain ranges, across treacherous spine ridges, bushwhacked through dense forests, forded rivers, and connected perfect single track, game trails and ATV roads as they worked their way North.

Assisted and resupplied by David ‘doesn’t eat bacon’ Steele, who also doubled as the camp comedian and bacon chef, the 3 athletes suffered through white-out snow storms, busted knees and bruised egos on their quest to complete one of the most audacious running challenges to date.

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Director: Matthew Irving

Matthew Irving is a filmmaker based out of Salt Lake City, who specializes in documenting difficult projects. Whether it’s filming BASE jumping in the arctic for Pirelli Tires, out of helicopters for the Marines, or riding migrant trains in Mexico for Al Jazeera, he takes great pleasure in pulling off the improbable.

Matthew spent 3 years working at Camp4 Collective, learning the craft from some of the most talented filmmakers in the outdoor industry. After leaving the nest, he’s worked around the world filming on projects ranging from athlete bios, multi-week long cross country cycling races, to big budget Hollywood feature films. His passion for capturing genuine moments is superseded only by his incredible wit and dashing good looks.