The MEC Adventure Grant



The MEC Adventure Grant will award funds to local teams who have exploratory and human powered objectives in adventurous arenas. Our aim is to support Canadian adventures both in our own backyard and around the world, while promoting a multitude of outdoor pursuits and bringing the resulting story to the VIMFF stage for our community to enjoy.

The 2016/17 awards were presented at VIMFF in February 2017 at the annual MEC Canadian Adventure Show.

Hosted by MEC Staffer Denis Begley, the night was a celebration of self propelled adventures by Canadians around the world and featured presentations from last years winners, adventure films and the 2016/17 awards.

Last years winners returned to the stage to share their experiences.

Evan Guilbault wowed the audience with images and video from his skyline traverses in the Eldred Valley of BC - showing that there is true wilderness and wonder, just a stones throw from civilisation on the BC coastline. 

Benjamin Jordan gave a memorable presentation showcasing his self supported paragliding expedition from Vancouver to Calgary - starting and finishing at an MEC store! Ben engaged the audience from start to finish, with some hair raising tales and life lessons. Look out for his film about the adventure coming out this year.

2016/17 MEC Adventure Grant Awards

It was a successful second year for the MEC Adventure Grant with lots of amazing applications and proposals being submitted, showing that exploration is alive and thriving within the Western Canada outdoor community.

VIMFF & MEC awarded funds to the following adventurers for their upcoming expeditions in 2017:

Lorraine and Robin will travel to Northern Patagonia in Chile in order to establish a remote backcountry traverse on their mountain bikes. They aim to not only explore and develop the area, but connect to the local mountain bike culture, showcase best practices for backcountry travel and engage the local community and guides in the project. 

Steve and Shawn will hike from their houses in Kimberly, BC - along the spine of the Purcell Mountains, all the way to Roger's Pass.

The traverse is 280km's, and will involve some serious bushwacking and peak bagging (the line coincidentally goes through the middle of Bugaboo Provincial Park). They will be the first to complete the traverse on foot - it has been done before in winter on skis.

We wish both teams the best of luck on their projects - be sure to check out VIMFF in 2018 where they will share their stories on stage.