Eileen Bistrisky

Eileen Bistrisky

Mountain Lessons from Seven Continents

7 Continents
Saturday Feb 11 @7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
The RIO Theatre MAP

A passion for mountains, travel, and adventure has taken Eileen to all seven continents. She’s explored Alaska, Africa, Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, as well as places that don’t start with ‘A’ such as Nepal and Russia.
Mountaineering expeditions test how people deal with the elements; altitude; a whole lot of food, fuel, and gear; and each other. When teams get stuck at various camps, they begin to wonder who if anyone will summit. On many trips, teams run out of time and are forced to turn back.
When schedules shift, teams can shift too. Each trip becomes a mini suspense story! Eileen has had to make some very tough decisions as to whether or not to continue, and if so, when and with whom?
She will share her stories and footage from each continent, and the lessons learned along the way.

Eileen Bistrisky
When not adventuring in the wilderness both locally and abroad, Eileen strategically leads impactful, socially-responsible organizations. She is the Vice President of Erickson Coaching International, and is also a Certified Management Consultant helping leaders empower teams to profitably benefit people and the planet.

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