Justa Jeskova & Steve Storey

Justa Jeskova & Steve Storey

The Ups and Downs Of Bikepacking at 15'000 feet

Mountain Bike Show
Saturday Feb 11 @7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
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Justa Jeskova, Michael Sousa, and Steve Storey set out on a mission to traverse the Ausangate trek high up in the Andes of Peru.  The goal?  To do it by bike with a few stopovers along the way.  Reaching heights of over 17’250' while barely dipping below 15’000’, they spent 8 days in the mountains climbing and descending their way around the mighty Ausangate mountain.  With 7 mountain passes and almost 100 km between them and their final destination it was a mountain biking journey nothing short of epic.  Join them for a photographic trip through snow storms, sun burns, hail, and altitude sickness as they ride through some of the most beautiful terrain on earth.

Justa Jeskova is an outdoor lifestyle photographer based out of Whistler, BC.  She was born and raised in Slovakia but moved to Canada in 1998 for her love of NHL hockey.  A few years after arriving she started shooting outdoor sports and discovered her next passion, mountain biking.  Since then, her career in photography has taken her all around the world to capture images showcasing nature, people, mountain biking, and traveling.  

Steve Storey is a mountain biker, trail builder, skier, surfer, and traveler.  He is a product of being born and raised in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia.  When not enjoying BC’s bountiful backyard he can be found wandering the world searching out burgeoning riding scenes and new places to surf and explore.  Steve currently lives in Whistler taking in all the sea to sky region has to offer and rides for Knolly Bikes.

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