Lauren Blackburn & Steven Cossin

Lauren Blackburn & Steven Cossin

Hiking the PCT
Thurs Feb 16 @7:30pm (doors 7:00pm)
The Cinematheque MAP

2650 miles long and 18 inches wide: a Journey Along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Join Lauren and Steve as they take you with them along the Pacific Crest Trail, a long hike from Mexico to Canada totalling 2650 miles, which took them 5 months to complete. In their presentation they will show you through video taken along the trail as well as photographs their amazing journey.

Lauren Blackburn: Born in North Vancouver, Lauren has always had a passion for the outdoors. She has always had a penchant for jumping in with both feet, and things turning out just fine. When Lauren started working at Mountain Equipment Co-op and a fellow coworker told her about the Pacific Crest Trail, she decided it was right up her alley. Since returning from the trail, Lauren has translated her passion for hiking into a passion for running, and will be competing in her first ultra in May. 

Steven Cossin: Born in Columbus Ohio, he has spent 6 years teaching primitive nature survival skills, and is now working in the solar industry. Steve has a passion for the outdoors, and finds the 'almost impossible' an irresistible tag line for any adventure. With his outdoor oriented life style his interests include, among other pursuits, mountaineering, rock climbing, and long distance hiking. In 2016 Steve Thru-hiked the 2,660 miles Pacific Crest Trail. Currently he is planning a thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail.

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