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In July 2016, the paraglider Antoine Girard set off on a three-week hike-and-fly tour to explore the Karakorum mountains in Pakistan— alone. His hope is that the upwinds will carry him and his chute to the summit of Broad Peaok - or higher.


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craigs reaction vimff 2019 featured

Craig’s Reaction


Since a 100 foot fall in 2002 that took his right leg and left him with multiple spinal injuries, Colorado climber Craig DeMartino has led one hell of a life, including lauded First Disabled and In-A-Day Ascents on El Capitan. But it's his day-to-day story that really makes an impact.

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divided vimff 2019 1featured


Lee Craigie and Rickie Cotter self filmed while riding the Tour Divide, a 2745 mile self-supported mountain bike race from Canada to the Mexican border. It didn't go according to plan. None of the best adventures do.

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feel of vision vimff 2019 FEATURED

Feel of Vision


Lonnie Bedwell, a former Navy Petty Officer turned extreme adventure athlete, became the first blind person to ever whitewater kayak the entire length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a solo kayak.

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aziza vimff 2019 featured


Set in the streets of Bou Tharar and the wide, craggy valleys of the lower Atlas mountains of Morocco, ‘Aziza’ is the story of a young woman who has thrived in the world of ultra-racing.

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ice and palms vimff 2019 1

Ice & Palms


Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck start their biggest and most extraordinary ski tour so far. The mission: Bikepacking across the alps and skiing some iconic mountains along the way - no motor allowed!

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rj ripper vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

RJ Ripper

Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. The chaotic streets of Kathmandu may not seem like a typical breeding ground for world-class mountain bikers, but then again nothing is typical about Rajesh (RJ) Magar.

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surviving the outback vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

Surviving The Outback

Could you survive alone across hundreds of kilometres of remote outback for a whole month, trekking and sailing on a makeshift raft, with nothing but a time capsule of antique stuff from 1932? Mike wasn’t sure he could pull it off either!

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the AO vimff 2019 FEATURED

The A.O.

Adam Ondra is one of the most successful and versatile climbers of our time. His strong, lean body seems to effortlessly transcend gravity. We find out more about the forces that drive this climbing talent to new heights in The A.O.

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the frenchy vimff 2019 featured

The Frenchy

Jaques Houot, 82, may just have found the fountain of youth. The Carbondale, Colorado-based French ski racer, downhill mountain biker, road cyclist and incorrigible flirt is the embodiment of joi de vivre.

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trembling mountain vimff 2019 featured

Trembling Mountain

The film, in showing the impact of the great earthquake of 2015 and the response of a paradise-like mountain community in the Himalaya, reveals change and the deep fractures, in lifestyle and identity, affecting the community.

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women are mountains vimff 2019 FEATURED

Women Are Mountains

Women are Mountains is a short documentary film that portrays the lives of climbers Mônica Filipini and Danielle Pinto in the quiet city of São Bento do Sapucai, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. At the same time as they are responsible for their children and domestic affairs, they are able to enjoy their great passion: the mountains.

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