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Thurs, Feb 28, 2019, 7:30, Rio Theatre

Kelly Cordes: The Tower

Climbing, Mountain Culture

Stories and films from the Patagonian landscape.

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Thurs, Feb 28, 2019, Rio Theatre
Evening – Doors 6:30pm Show 7:30pm


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Kelly Cordes

Climber, writer, and self-proclaimed margarita specialist Kelly Cordes has established new alpine routes around the world, from Alaska to Peru, and Patagonia to Pakistan.As an undersized kid who wanted to be a cowboy, Kelly Cordes never dreamed that the mountains would define his life. But he stumbled upon an obsession that delivered unimaginable joys alongside seemingly endless flops, both of which still frame his attempts to navigate his little world. His personal experiences in climbing and in life intersected with a larger journey as he sought to uncover the truth in his award-winning book The Tower: A Chronicle of...

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Notes From The Wall

19 days on a 1200-meter-high vertical wall in Torres del Paine, Patagonia. An honest and profound story of an ascent spiced up by rough weather conditions, technical climbing and live music.

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Tierra Del Viento

Patagonia; further South than most people ever dare to venture there's a land of endless distance and beauty. When photographer Eliseo Miciu explores and shoots this mythical place, he also learns more about himself.

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