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MEC Adventure Grant

The MEC Adventure Grant Presented by VIMFF

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The MEC Adventure Grant will award funds to local teams who have exploratory and human powered objectives in adventurous arenas. Our aim is to support Canadian adventures both in our own backyard and around the world, while promoting a multitude of outdoor pursuits and bringing the resulting story to the VIMFF stage for our community to enjoy.

The 2019 grant recipients were announced at the MEC Canadian Adventures night at VIMFF on March 1st 2019 – see below for details.

We will open again for applications for the 2020 grant in October 2019.

2019 recipients

baffin x

Bronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Thor Stewart & Zack Goldberg-Poch travel to Baffin Island for a self propelled paddling & alpine climbing adventure in Auyuittuq National Park.

Their trip has 3 main objectives:

1. To make first ascents on Mt Asgard and Mt Thor in Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island. Akshayuk Pass has been a testing ground for remote big wall climbers for generations, with many of the routes established over days/weeks capsule-style with hammers, hooks and drills. We will attempt both mountains in modern fast-and-light alpine style with a focus on free-climbing.

2. To make the third descent of the Weasel River and the first paddle/climb expedition to the Park. We will hike up valley to our climbing objectives and then use packrafts to paddle the technical rapids of the Weasel and return to Pangnirtung.

3. To engage with the Pangnirtung community, especially the youth, through fun climbing-related activities. Team member Thor Stewart has spent time living in Pangnirtung and through his contacts we discovered that the local recreation department plans to construct an indoor climbing facility as part of the Youth Center revival project. Our team will work collaboratively with the Inuit to provide materials, support, and mentorship for this facility. Through hands-on interaction with the community and a slideshow presentation of our trip upon return, we aim to inspire Inuit youth and create positive interactions between expeditionners and locals in the remote arctic town.

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skeena x

Laureta Boychuk, Jacquelyn Zelt, Meredith Vezina, Laura Grant, Brenna Kelly, Rena Dehne – A team of six strong and empowering women are coming together in support of accomplishing personal goals while tackling a common objective.
All team members are dedicated to protecting wild running rivers, and raising awareness about how these rivers support wildlife, ecosystems, and Indigenous communities who have lived along these waterways for thousands of years. The Skeena River watershed passes through many Indigenous communities. They aim to connect with women along the Skeena waterway in an effort to strengthen female connections through river adventure. They will paddle the sacred watershed of the Skeena River from source to sea, 570 km over 20 days, with the intention of completing the first SUP descent ever, finding and documenting new river surf waves that have never been touched by a surfboard before. This team will fish and embrace their vulnerability while becoming more resilient in mother nature’s elements.

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Jalen Sekhon & Oliver Jorgensen will attempt to bikepack from the northernmost tip of Iceland to the southernmost tip. They will navigate through the remote and unforgiving landscape of the island, acting entirely self reliant and using only human powered transportation.

This trip is unique in that the full north to south traverse is largely undocumented; we aim to share the wild nature and barren landscape with the community. Specifically, we want to bring attention and inspiration to underrepresented individuals and groups who love the outdoors. Telling wild stories and showcasing outdoor adventure is an incredible way to promote inclusion and equality.

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