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Mountain Culture Show

The Mountain Culture show hosts the world premieres of My Horse My Destiny and Last Tracks, and tells the incredible stories about the Celestrial Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the indigenous people in the Peruvian Andes and connects us to the Himalayas. It includes a special virtual presentation by Michael Schauch, a story about karma bringing together two different places.


Pricing: $17

Dates: Nov 20 – 29 / 2020
Launch: Noon PDT on Fri, Nov 20
End: Midnight PDT on Sun, Nov 29

Films & Presentations

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My Horse, My Destiny


The "Celestial Mountains" of Kyrgyzstan tower over the lush pasturelands - home to thousands of animals and the semi-nomadic herders of Central Asia. Here, a horse is considered the “wings of man” and is integral to destiny.

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Michael Schauch Presentation


Join author Michael Schauch as he introduces his new book, A Story of Karma: Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya. The story begins with Schauch's dream to climb an unknown mountain in the Himalaya of northern Nepal. What unfolds in the mountains, however, forces him to question his values and his own identity, and eventually leads him to meet a little girl in a remote mountain village.

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Last Tracks


After shedding a lifetime of belongings, moving to an assisted living facility with his ailing sweetheart, and now coping with losing his mind, former world-class athlete Alan Jackson, 87, embraces his last tracks, and what remains despite the losses.

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Añay Kachi

At 3,300 m above sea level, in the Peruvian Andes, indigenous people have been harvesting salt by hand for over 600 years, prior to the Inca times. After many years of struggle and unfair working conditions, the salt workers became owners of the salt mine, creating a comunal company.

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