Guide to the Long Weekend VIMFF Shows!

Guide to the Long Weekend Shows!

We have an awesome line-up this weekend of films and guest speakers. Join Rebecca Rusch, Steve Storey and Justa Jeskova tonight for Mountain Bike Night or head over to the Rio Theatre to hear the accomplished Eileen Bistrisky talk about her summits on Seven Continents! On Sunday we have a stacked Trail Running Show with guest speakers Paul Romero and Joe Grant, or check out Sam McKoy at the Rio talking about his Ski Traverses in BC! SO many great shows and speakers, too bad you can't be in multiple places at once!

Saturday, Feb 11

Mountain Bike Night | Centennial Theatre @7:30 pm
International Climbing Films | Rio Theatre @2:00pm
Seven Continents | Rio Theatre @7:30pm
Wild Ones | Cinematheque @2:00pm
The Change I Want To See | Cinematheque @7:30pm
The Last Cavemen | Inlet Theatre @2:00pm
Mountain Mixer 1 | Inlet Theatre @7:30pm


Sunday, Feb 12

Trail Running Show | Centennial @7:30pm
Adrenaline Junkies | Rio Theatre @2:00pm
Ski Traverses in BC | Rio Theatre @7:30pm
Destination: Central Asia | Cinematheque @2:00pm
Adventure Travel | SOLD OUT
Mountain Mixer 2 | The Inlet Theatre @2:00pm
The High Life | The Inlet Theatre @7:30pm


Monday, Feb 13 - Family Day

Family Show | Centennial @7:30pm
Monday Matinee | Rio Theatre @2:00pm
SUP Adventures | Rio Theatre @7:30pm
Planet Earth | Cinematheque @2:00pm
Mind vs Mountain | SOLD OUT