Photo Comp Intro


Vimff Photo Competition 2017


The 2017 competition has now CLOSED.. the following has been left as a guide to what the 2018 competition will generally look like. More information coming soon!!

You can take a look at the winners on the Festival's Facebook Page!!


Welcome to the Vancouver International Film Festival Photographic Competition. We are excited to see what adventures you’ve been on! There are four categories:

  • Mountain Adventure and Sport
  • Mountain Culture and People
  • Mountain Landscape
  • Mountain Painting

The following prizes will be awarded by the Adjudication Committee

  • Grand Prize: best image, chosen across all submissions
  • Best of British Columbia: best image taken in British Columbia by a photographer based in British Columbia
  • For each category, first, second and third prizes will be awarded

View our Sponsors Page to see what is awarded for each prize, and to learn more about our generous sponsors.
Please use this page to submit up to FIVE photographs at a time, and to pay the entry fee of $5 per photograph (see button below submission button). All submissions are subject to the Photo Competition Rules and Regulations – please read these carefully before submitting, as they include the instructions on how to format the submissions. Images not in compliance with these requirements will not be considered, and no refunds will be granted for any reason. Once you have submitted the images, you MUST click on the “Pay Now” button below, and select the number of photographs you have submitted – you must use the same name for the payment as is used in the image names.

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2017, 23:59. Do not make any submissions after this time – they will not be considered and your entry fee, if processed, will not be refunded.