PAINTING THIRD PRIZE – Little Ring Mountain


Artist: Jessa Gilbert

Location: Pemberton, BC

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Artist: Jessa Gilbert

Location: Pemberton, BC

The goal of the artwork is to celebrate wilderness and adventure.

Jessa’s paintings and drawings emerge from her experiences in the backcountry. Her artwork blends the creation process with adventure capturing the spirit of exploration during her time outside. Being mobile and transportable is a large part of the art process, as she brings her studio along these adventures to create artworks within the setting of that experience. These adventurous artworks also serve as studies for larger scale murals, bringing backcountry adventures back to urban and daily life.

The artworks are about the human experience. They are about struggle as much as they are about celebrating activity and these moments within the wild. These pieces explore the beauty and the mystery of wilderness and activity through the use of color, shape, and line by being expressive and dramatic, bold and bright… because that is what life is. It is all of those heightened elements combined.

Relocating to BC in 2013 changed her art focus, and she has officially admitted to being an experiential landscape artist. Her pursuits of art and adventure led her to become a backcountry guide as well. You can find her at Baldface Lodge in the winter working as a tail guide, or in the mountains, at the beach, or on her bike exploring and working on the #getoutoftownvibe series.

Website: www.jessagilbert.com
Instagram: @jessagilbert
Facebook: @jessagilbertart

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