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Sylvain Saudan, extreme skiing pioneer and “Skier of the Impossible” joins VIMFF for a special evening with films and discussions of his accomplishments. Plus new films from Sherpas Cinema.



Sylvain Saudan: The Skier of the Impossible

Famously known as the pioneer of extreme skiing, Sylvain Saudan joins us for a special VIMFF evening.

Born in Lausanne in 1936, Sylvain is a Swiss mountain guide, ski teacher and an international lecturer.

He was the first to attempt extreme ski descents and was nicknamed by the media as “The Skier of the Impossible” when he first skied down “Couloir Gervasutti”, a 65 degree chute in the Alps.

Sylvain Saudan is before all an adventurer,…

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Have you ever been that little kid sitting in the back seat of your parents car, wishing you were somewhere else? At the ski hill, on your bike, anything but on the road, listening to your parents talk about boring adult stuff.

So you imagine a skier on the side of the road, your fingers commanding back flips and roof drops, improbable rail slides and huge airs.

Well what if your imagination came to life?…

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In late March of 2016, the team arrived at a base camp in Haines Pass, a region straddling the borders of the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska. While awaiting better conditions to venture onto the Tsirku Glacier, they took the opportunity to explore the terrain surrounding Haines Pass by helicopter.

Faced with a sixty-kilometer snowmobile route across a massive glacier marked by crevasses, seracs, severe wind, and avalanche terrain, the journey soon became as…

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1660 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC | (604) 879-3456

Ticket Pricing:

$17 advanced and $19 at door
2 Tickets to 2 different shows at $32
3 Tickets to 3 different shows at $45

Date & Location:

Wed, Nov 8th, 2017
Rio Theatre
Doors Open at 6:30pm