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Snowsports Show

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Enjoy six adventure packed films, including the Canadian premiere, Made in the Mitten and the North American premiere, Exploring the Known. These films share moving stories about overcoming life-changing injuries, paying tribute to a Chamonix legend, learning about the heritage of modern-day snowboarding and exploring local mountains during a pandemic.

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Friday, February 19 at noon PST

This show includes access to view all the films listed below.


Show ticket: $17

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Film only: $85 | All-access: $105

This show was part of the VIMFF 2021.


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Exploring the Known


A film by Matt Hollis, it features Estelle Balet, the two time world champion snowboard freerider. Estelle was making this film when she was tragically caught in an avalanche at the age of 21. Featuring many of the world's foremost freeriders, Exploring the Known is a unique insight into what it takes to become a world champion.

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Before exit restrictions and bans on contacts dominated the news in March 2020, the Mountain Tribe Crew embarked on a ski touring adventure in the Ötztal Alps. The crew used an old customs hut on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine road for accommodation, which is closed in the winter. As the pandemic worsened, the initial euphoric mood faded and an inner tension spread amongst the freeriders.

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A Few Steps From Home

The idea is simple. A small hut in our home mountains. A room, an oven, three friends. These self-catering huts are well known by hikers in the summer and can be found all over the alps. In the winter, only a few people use them even though the big cities of Munich and Innsbruck are close by. This is the story of what we found just a few steps from home.

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Made in the Mitten


Modern-day snowboarding began in Michigan when Sherman Poppin fastened two of his daughter’s skis together and stood sideways on his backyard hill in Muskegon. Since then, snowboarding has taken the world stage by storm with triple cork rotations, board technology has entered the 21st century, and families everywhere are starting their kids out on snowboards instead of skis.

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Earn Your Turn

Let's cultivate our garden. This is where Julien "Pica" Herry takes us. Born in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Pica developed his style and technique in this mountain town. As a discreet performer, he practices mountaineering and snowboarding as few have done before him. He's a high mountain guide and a lover of powder, with a specialty in steep slopes.

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Day 1

Five years after breaking his back in a snowboarding accident and being left paralyzed from the waist down, Trevor Kennison returns to the backcountry to face a new set of challenges. This first day out helps Trevor to redefine his perspective on the limitations of his injury, and what he's truly capable of.