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Alice Purdey

Alice Purdey believes in seeking and grabbing opportunities for adventure. She has summited Mt. St. Elias, Mt. Waddington and numerous first ascents. She has paddled the coast of BC from Prince Rupert to Vancouver in a 37’ Voyageur canoe, has hiked several long trails from the UK to the Tibetan Plateau, and has most recently spent five weeks in the High Arctic towing a sled and camping. Now retired, Alice enjoyed an adventurous community health nursing career that took her into many developing countries.

Geri-Arctics’ Adventures on Ellesmere Island

You wouldn’t normally expect to find two artificial hips, one artificial eye, irritable bowel syndrome, leukemia in remission, Alzheimer’s Disease and wonky knees in an expedition team heading to the remote high arctic. However, under the inspirational leadership of Chris Cooper, a team of seven seniors, aged 64 to 74, did just that – for 30 days. Totally self-sufficient and self propelled, they encountered polar bears and muskoxen, were amazed that life could survive in the Arctic’s vast barrens, were awed by the stark beauty. ~ And they walked on water and built their own airstrip for pickup.