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Andreane Lanthier Nadeau

Andreane Lanthier Nadeau, or ALN, is a professional mountain bike racer on the Enduro World Series circuit. At 26 years-old, having been crushing it on a bike since her childhood, her love of riding just keeps growing. Raised in Québec, it is her racing career that brought her to the West coast. She put in many great results over the years on the Cross-Country scene as a junior, U23, and elite, but it was her love for trail riding and an obvious talent for riding technical terrain combined with her power and speed that brought her curiosity to enduro.

Since switching disciplines in 2015, leaving her dream for the Olympics to pursue the thrilling adventure of living from her passion, ALN’s been soaring even higher. She is now a constant podium finisher at the international level, and is currently ranked 3rd overall in the world.

She’s legitimately impressive on a bike – intensely focused, aggressive, and yet smooth as silk. The never ending learning that being a professional mountain bike racer involves is what keeps her motivated. Learning both about how to ride faster, but also about the mental side of performance, and how that side can transpose and help to move through off-the-bike real life situations.

ALN comes to the VIMFF stage to share her secrets and lessons learnt throughout her professional career. The presentation will touch on strength, resilience, and vulnerability. What has biking taught her about life and how do life lessons translate into biking.