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Brent Seal & James Frystak

Brent Seal

Brent Seal is a mountaineer and mental health trainer based in Vancouver, BC. He has been climbing mountains and promoting mental health since being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2007. Since then Brent has graduated from Simon Fraser University as Valedictorian, shared his story at schools, conferences and organizations across Canada, run a number of ultramarathons and climbed both North and South America’s highest mountains (Denali and Aconcagua respectively). Brent currently runs a mental health training agency – Mavrixx – and works as a Practice Consultant for FamilySmart.

James Frystak

Award-winning photographer, cinematographer and explorer James Frystak has captured images in some of the world’s most unique locations. From Alaska to the Himalaya, Patagonia to deep inside inside the ice caves of a volcano, James continually pushes his limits, shooting in the most extreme conditions.

Once a certified electrician, James left the world of construction with a strong desire to live beyond the status quo. With a love for photography, filmmaking and adventure James quickly picked up a camera and found his passion for projects with a strong visual element followed with a stories that ignites positive change.

James has shot, directed and assisted on various personal projects and from clients such as Telus, CBC and National Geographic. He also works as a professional lighting technician for IATSE 891.

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Into The Himalaya: Exploring Mountains and Mental Health

Filmer and photographer James Frystak and mental health trainer Brent Seal journey to the Nepal Himalayas for the first time in search of adventure, connection and simplicity. The pair come up against unique challenges that create the full range of emotions, from fear and frustration to absolute awe and belly laughter. With Brent living with schizophrenia, they must navigate the risk of relapse while embracing the culture, community and stunning scenery along the way.

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