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Brette Harrington

Brette Harrington was born in Lake Tahoe, California, but now lives on the west coast of British Columbia and spends a good portion of her time on expeditions. Brette’s climbing stems from her love for the mountains. She has been pursuing her dreams by climbing remote big walls and developing new lines. She has established first ascents in Canada, the United States, and Patagonia. It is both the adventure and creativity that continue to drive her to climb these mountains. She aims to combine her climbing skills to develop ever more difficult and desirable lines.

Life Compass

In the summer of 2018, after the passing of her partner Marc-André Leclerc, Brette Harrington returned to Alaska where she made a collective six first ascents on the Juneau Ice Field. Brette will explore the themes of finding inspiration and solace in the mountains while recounting the the different climbs she made throughout the season. To conclude her trip, her final ascent was one of great accomplishment by making the first ascent of the west face of Devils Paw, 1300m.

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