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Daniel Fox

Feel The Wild

How can the power of nature help us reframe our place on this planet? What can we learn from the “wild” as we enter a new decade and face environmental, society, and economical challenges?

Digital Storyteller and documentarian Sharad Kharé in dialogue with Daniel Fox; solo wilderness explorer and author of FEEL THE WILD to discuss nature, the human journey and how these two will never be apart.

To “Feel the Wild” is to connect with the wilderness – the untamed Nature, the untamed Us, the essence of Life, through all of our senses and experience everything it has to offer – the physical, the emotional, the philosophical, and the spiritual.

Daniel Fox’s book of outdoor photography is ultimately about learning who we are and our place on this planet. It is a journey of growth told through the lenses of humility, vulnerability, and perspective.

Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox’s official title is A.P.E.2 (Artist/Author, Photographer/Philosopher, Explorer/Entrepreneur). Besides the obvious genealogy lineage, he is a Lexus Ambassador, Fujifilm X-Photographer, Sandisk Extreme Team member & Manfrotto photographer, and the author of FEEL THE WILD (an intimate and powerful story about Nature and our relationship with it, told through stunning photography and thought-provoking writing). He is also the founder of WILD.ECO, a non-profit youth organization with a mission to foster resilient, empowered, adaptable, curious, and empathetic students of life, using Nature as a framework for personal transformation. WILD.ECO offers mentorships and opportunities for individuals, primary young adults from disadvantaged background, to experience nature in ways that can trigger or enhance self-discovery, foster self-confidence, boost self-esteem and lay the foundation for leadership skills. Daniel resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife Tristan and their dog, Kobe.

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Sharad Kharé

Over the last decade, legacy documentarian Sharad Kharé has been engaging with some of the world’s most interesting individuals in dialogue in regards to their digital legacy, personal legacy and living legacy.

Sharad has video documented and interviewed people like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Kunal Sood, Helen Mirren, Jack & Suzy Welch, Chip Wilson, Marianne Williamson and more on his lens.

Sharad is just as busy in front of audiences as he is behind the camera as his background as a speaker and moderator have continuously brought him to the most engaging stages and in the world including TEDx, The United Nations, and Harvard University to mention a few.

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