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Derek Frankowski

Derek Frankowski has spent almost two decades behind a camera chasing good light and interesting subjects, from the Jungles of Madagascar to rink side at NHL games. Starting his career in action sports photography lead him to be Senior Photographer at Bike Magazine and eventually co-create the documentary Life Cycles, which has gone on to be an important film in the genre (winning the Grand Prize at VIMFF in 2011).
More recently he was honoured with an Emmy in cinematography for his work on BBC’s Planet Earth 2 and was hired by Hollywood image maker Panavision as the first DP to take the their new Digital DXL 8K camera into nature to capture footage for their global launch video.
His ability to bring back compelling images that speak to a deeper core keep him in demand and pushing his abilities.

Derek will join Mike Hopkins on stage to discuss his evolution as a filmmaker – from Lifecycles to Planet Earth II – and to share some of his favourite moments.