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Ian Holmes

Ian Holmes is a big mountain snowboarder. An ex world cup competitor in Ice/Mixed climbing, Ian turned these skills to accessing bigger and more committing lines in remote parts of the planet. In his own words he is an extremely average climber and a below average snowboarder that just happens to be a better climber than most snowboarders, and a better snowboarder than most climbers. This pairing leaves him with the unique capacity to get into terrain that has never been ridden, and an entirely different lens on what is possible in the world of unsupported big mountain riding.

Adventures on the Kluane

For the past five years Ian Holmes has been looking for steeper and more committing lines all around the planet. Yet in the past three years, the most promising location for these steep lines has surprisingly been closer to home. Bordering Alaska and the Yukon, the inhospitable wilds of the Kluane glacier have held the promise of some of the world’s steepest unridden terrain. This most recent expedition to the wilds saw the crew attempting to get on some massive features while battling avalanches, massive snow storms, and the reality of being stranded on the glacier without a way off. This talk is an attempt to give people a glimpse into the world of big mountain riding when there is no safety net.

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