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Jamey Glasnovic

Jamey Glasnovic was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1968, and grew up in the suburb of Beaconsfield. A family trip to Spain when Jamey was seven was the first step in creating an avid traveller, and he was drawn early in life to such faraway destinations as Australia, Japan, Mexico and Ireland. He has visited much of North America, from Florida to Alaska, and repeated trips to the mountain West led to a move to Calgary in 1995. After relocating to Canmore in 2004, Glasnovic began freelancing for newspapers such as the Banff Crag & Canyon, the Canmore Leader and Rocky Mountain Outlook, and he continued to roam. Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal and Tibet have since been checked off his life list of destinations. His first book, Lost and Found: Adrift in the Canadian Rockies, was published by RMB in 2014. More stories and photos by the author can be found at jglas.com. Jamey Glasnovic lives in Canmore, AB.

What is adventure?

For travel writer Jamey Glasnovic adventure has always been a slippery concept to nail down. Is it high risk high reward type activities? Is foreign and exotic a prerequisite? Is it something else entirely?

To support his new book, A Few Feet Short, An Uncommon Journey to Everest, Glasnovic examines his relationship with adventure and motivation, while reflecting on his 3 month journey to the Nepal Himalaya in 2016. Concluding in the end that adventure is whatever you want it to be. The only hard and fast rule is you’ve got to get out there.

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