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Janick Lemieux & Pierre Bouchard

Janick Lemieux is originally from St. Hyacinthe, Quebec but moved to Western Canada in 1991. Since then, she has travelled the world, first with a backpack then from the saddle of a mountain bike. Pierre Bouchard, born in Quebec City, left Université Laval’s Faculty of Philosophy classrooms in 1990 to undertake what Descartes called the study of “The Great Book of the World”…on his bicycle!
Together, Janick & Pierre combine more than 250,000 kilometres of cycling adventures in about 80 countries of the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. In June, 2014 they embarked on an exploration project aiming to identify and understand the various challenges that are facing the contemporary nomadic peoples who wander and live between Europe’s northern most point in Norway and Africa’s southern end in South Africa – quite the journey!

NOMADS² cycling odyssey Part 1 : the East African diaries

This multimedia presentation focuses on the East African segment of Janick and Pierre’s journey – 21,000 km’s of Africa’s east coast. On the lookout for nomadic people, from Norway’s fjords to the shores of Tanzania’s fabled Zanzibar archipelago, this ambitious ride was only the first half of their NOMADS² cycling odyssey. In Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, they pedalled through deserts, equatorial montane forests, the arid expanses of the Great Rift and the savannahs of its surrounding plateaus.