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Kim & Graham McGrenere

Kim and Graham are obsessed with climbing. They have 25 years of combined climbing experience, and have built their lives around this lifestyle. They’ve worked in climbing gyms, taught climbing lessons, traveled as much as possible, and spent 2.5 years in the Millennium FalcVan living #vanlife while climbing around North America. Their passion is climbing outside, and they always have their sights set on the next project or big trip. In 2019 they jumped into their biggest climbing adventure yet: an overseas route development expedition in Armenia.

vimff project armenia kim graham mcgrenere

Project Armenia

In the summer of 2019, Kim and Graham traveled across the planet to join adventurers from four other countries and launch Project Armenia. They focused on the rolling hills of Dilijan National Park in northern Armenia, with nearly 18km of limestone escarpment looming over broadleaf forests far below. Rock climbing is still very new in Armenia, and these cliffs had never been explored. This is a story of new adventures, collaboration and discovery, route development, culture, and contributing to a growing movement around climbing.