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Lenard Reid & Elizabeth Leboe

Elizabeth Leboe and Lenard Reid never intended to design and manufacture down jackets in Kathmandu. But they did, and now after 6 years, sales of these jackets have helped them sponsor the lifetime educations of ten children in Nepal and a whole lot more. Together, they created “Jackets for Jasper”: their “HQ” is their home in North Vancouver.

Lenard caught the travel bug at an early age. He has had the good fortune (in addition to quitting his job 4 times) to have worked, travelled, biked and hiked in 50+ countries.

With a background in geology, Liz has always felt a pull to the mountains and wild places. Her choice of adventures are usually on foot, bike or kayak… and sometime lead to unexpected places.

A Journey Around Manaslu

9 trekkers, 4 porters, 1 guide and a mysterious boot-stealing dog. Stories from a trek around Manaslu, the 8th largest mountain in the world. Join Liz and Len of “Jackets for Jasper” as they share their adventures of trekking with friends around the “Mountain of the Spirit” in Nepal.

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