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Liv Sansoz

Professional climber, skier & paraglider, Liv Sansoz lives by the words of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln: “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” She began skiing in the French Alps aged 2 and had climbed Mount Blanc by the age of 14. In her teenage years, Liv took up climbing and at 18 had already won a World Championship, followed by many other international victories. In recent years, the soft-spoken and humble Chamonix resident has become an accomplished paraglider, which allows her to see her beloved mountains from yet another vantage point.
In 2017—together with a revolving list of good friends—Liv set out to climb, ski and paraglide all of the 82 summits above 4,000 meters in the Alps. She completed the project in early 2018.

“I love being outside, moving in the mountains, feeling the freedom and sharing all the effort, the doubts, the pain, the happiness and the joy with some amazing friends.”

What does it really mean to climb 82 mountains above 4000m?

Liv Sansoz will bring you behind the scenes on her ambitious project to summit all 82 mountains above 4000m in the European Alps. Once at the summit, Liv would descend with her ski’s or paraglider if the weather and the mountain allowed.

How does it feel to spend the night on a perched bivouak, high above the glacier? Experience the stress and anticipation before taking off from the summit with your wing. How did Liv prepare physically and mentally to climb, ski and fly off all these peaks ?

With her presentation, Liv hopes to immerse you in her world and allow your imagination to run free – maybe you’ll leave with a big dream of your own.

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