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vimff 2018 the haliks mountain film festival guest speaker

Martina & Tania Halik

Tania and Martina Halik are part of a unique family. At 60 years old, an age where most ladies are happy to retire to gentler sports like golfing, Tania Halik a paramedic from Invermere, BC undertook the biggest expedition of her life. Martina, quietly put her job as a professional photographer and avalanche technician on hold, also deciding to take on the greatest challenge she’d ever faced. Their story inspired thousands of people throughout their journey. The expedition was not about woman vs. nature or conquering a remote mountain range. Instead, it was a journey into the self. Conquering personal fears, and discomforts like hunger and significantly adverse weather. Their definitions of “challenge”, “suffering” and “impossible” were redefined along the way. It was about teamwork, family bonds, chasing your dreams, and never, ever, giving up.

Coast Mountain Epic

Back by popular demand, Coast Mountain Epic is a live multi-media presentation detailing a five and half month long ski traverse of the Coast Mountains of BC and Alaska. Undertaken from January to June of 2017 by a mother and daughter team from BC, this presentation features their challenges, close-calls, failures and successes throughout the “Epic”.

Planning and Preparation for the Coast Mountain Epic

How do you prepare for a five and half month long ski traverse of the Coast Mountains of BC and Alaska? Martina & Tania will run you through how they planned to accomplish this mammoth feat – from route finding to meal planning. What were the secrets to their successes? And what would they do differently next time?