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Mike Hopkins

Mike Hopkins is a professional adventure athlete, producer, and director who specializes in creative marketing concepts. Working alongside the agency Juicy Studios, Mike and Scott Carlson (Founder of Juicy) make for an adventure loving production team that embrace wicked stories. Based in the tiny mountain town of Rossland BC, these two grew up in the outdoors and have been calling “Play”, “Work” for the past decade. Working with clients near and far, across many mediums they have been lucky enough to win awards, explore the world, and meet great people. So here’s to chasing the next adventure!

The award winning DreamRide trilogy by Mike Hopkins and Juicy Studios, has shown us what happens when you mix creativity with two wheels and toss them into the world’s wildest landscapes. Naturally there are fair few logistics that go hand in hand with these kind of productions, and we all know logistics open the door to the odd disaster, and dodging disaster usually makes for a pretty good story. So here’s to a night of getting stranded on active volcano’s, battling sandstorms, and all the character building shenanigans experienced to bring this series to life.

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