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Mira Rai

Join special guest Mira Rai, on stage and in conversation with Canadian trail runner Adam Campbell.

Mira Rai is a Nepalese trail runner and sky runner. She has participated in many international competitions and has won numerous awards. She was the winner of the 2017 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.

Mira hails from a remote village in Bhojpur, in the east of the country. She left school at age 12 and spent her days walking up and down the mountainous terrain to collect water and go to market. At the age of 14 she left home in the middle of the night to join the Maoist insurgency in the civil war. When the war came to an end she found herself in Kathmandu and started to enjoy running and karate.

One morning when she was running in the hills surrounding Kathmandu, she met a group who were training on the same trails. After running together for some time, they asked her to meet them the following week for another run. When she arrived for that run, she found it was the start point of the 50 km race. Despite being unprepared, without carrying proper food or water, or wearing technical running clothes, she won the race, and caught the attention of race organizers with her positive attitude and dedication to the sport.

She has since become a house hold name on the trail running circuit, winning many international races. She has been working hard to promote trail running across Nepal, organizing many races and especially trying to encourage young girls to pursue their athletic dreams. In a patriarchal society, she has become an inspiration to many girls across the country.