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Peter Mather

Peter Mather is a freelance photojournalist from Northern Canada whose work is focused on environmental photography of wildlife and first nations people. He is known for his storytelling imagery and remote camera photography. Currently Peter is working on a long form story on North America’s most elusive predator – The Wolverine. He is a fellow of the International league of Conservation photographers and is represented by National Geographic Creative and Minden Pictures.

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Peter joins us at VIMFF for 2 presentations:

SHOOTING IN THE WILD – wilderness and wildlife photography with Yukon photographer Peter Mather

In his photography workshop, Yukon based photographer Peter Mather will share lessons learned from twenty-five years of photographing wildlife, landscapes and people in wilderness settings in the North. The presentation will cover preparation, planning and equipment for remote wilderness photography expeditions in North America, including month long paddling and back country ski trips. Peter will also dive into the tricks of the trade for wildlife photography, including the move to mirrorless cameras, communicating with wildlife, camera trapping, and the importance of towels.

America’s Serengeti

At this special event to raise awareness for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, join Photographer and storyteller Peter Mather on a journey to the Yukon and Alaska’s most remote and biologically abundant wilderness area. Meet the wolverines and wolves that scour this land for food in the darkness of winter, the 200,000 caribou that define and feed the entire landscape, and the Gwich’in people who have been fighting for four decades for preserve this land and the Porcupine caribou herd.